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Visual Studio 2008 has another WPF project template: a WPF Browser Application. Such an application can run within Internet Explorer, but still the .NET Framework version that you use must be installed with the ciient system. Here you get the features of the rich client to the browser. However, with WPF Browser Applications, the .NET Framework is required to be available on the client sys~em, and only Internet Explorer is supported.

Creating such a project type, an XBAP (XAML Browser Application) file is created. XBAP is an XMLfile that defines the application and the assemblies it consists of for ClickOnce deployment.

An XBAP application is a partial-trust application. You can use only .NET code that is available with the . Internet permissions.

WPF Browser Applications are different from Silverlight. Silverlight defines a subset of WPF that docs not require the .NET Framework to be installed with the client system. Silverlight requires an add-ill with tile browser but supports different browsers and different operating systems. Silverlight 1.0 cannot be programmed using .NET; you can use only favaScript for accessing the XAML elements programmatically. Silverlight 1.1 will support the .NET Microframework.

Posted on October 31, 2015 in Advanced WPF

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