Security In PCSDemoSlte C# Help

The PCSDemoSite site uses the Login control that you have already seen, as well as a LoginView control, a LoginStatus control, a LoginName control, a passwordRecovery control, and a ChangePassword control. One difference is that a Guest role is included, and one consequence of this is that guest users should not be able to chaI)1;e their password – an ideal use for LoginView, as illustrated by Login. aspx:

Here a <location> element is used to override the default setting for a specific file specified using a path attribute, in this case for the file StyleSheet. css. <location> ele”tents can be used to apply any <system. web> settings to specific files or directories, and can be used to centralize all directory-specific settings in one place, if desired (as an alternative to multiple Web. conf ig files). In the preceding code,
permission is given for anonymous users to access the root style sheet for the Web site, which is

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