Operators and Casts C# Help

The preceding chapters have covered most of what you need to start writing useful programs using C#. This chapter completes the discussion of the essential language elements and begins to illustrate some powerful aspects of C# that allow you to extend the capabilities of the C# language.
Specifically, this chapter discusses the following:

  1. The operators available in C#.
  2.  The idea of equality when dealing with reference and value types.
  3.  Data conversion between the primitive data types
  4.  Converting value types to reference types using boxing
  5.  Converting between reference types by casting
  6. Overloading the standard operators to support operations on the custom types you define
  7.  Adding cast operators to the custom types you define to support seamless data type-conversions.

Posted on October 28, 2015 in Operators and Casts

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