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It is instructive to look at the runtime requirements of a .NET-based application. The CLR does have certain requirements on the target platform before any managed application can execute.

The first requirement that must be met is the operating system. Currently, the following operating systems can run .NET-based applications:

  1. Windows 98
  2. Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)
  3. Windows Millennium Edition (ME)
  4. Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 6a)
  5. Windows 2000
  6. Windows XP Home
  7. Windows XP Professional
  8. Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition
  9. Windows Vista.

The following server platforms are supported:

  1. Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server
  2. Windows 2003 Server Family.

Other requirements are Windows Internet Explorer version 5.01 or later, MDAC version 2.6 or later (if the application is designed to access data), and Internet Information Services (115)for ASP.NET

You also “must consider hardware requirements when deploying .NET applications. The minimum requirements for hardware are as follows:

  1. Client – Pentium 90MHz and 32 MBRAM
  2. Server- Pentium 133MHz and 128MBRAM.

For best performance, increase the amount of RAM – the more RAM the better your .NET application runs. This is especially true for server applications.

If you want to run .NET 3.0 applications that make use of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), or Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) the requirements are a little more strict. .NET3.0 requires at least Windows XPSP2. The previous list is trimmed to the following:

  1. Windows XPHome (SP2)
  2. Windows XPProfessional (SP2)
  3. Windows XP Professional TabletPC Edition (SP2)
  4. Windows Vista (not including IA64 platform).

The following server platforms are supported:

  1. Windows 2003Server Family (SPl).
  2. Windows Server 2008IA64 Edition.

The minimum hardware requirements also change. They become Pentium 400 MHz and 96 MB RAM for both client and server.

Posted on October 31, 2015 in Deployment

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