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WCF is very flexible when choosing a host to run the service. The host can be a Windows service, a COM+ application, WAS (Windows Activation Services) or lIS, a Windows application, or just a simple console application. When creating a custom host with Windows Forms or WPF, you can easily create a peer-to-peer solution. Custom Hosting Let’s start…

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Troubleshooting services is different from troub\eshooting norma\ app\ications. This section touches on some service issues, problems specific to interactive services, and event logging. The best way to start building a service is to create an assembly with the functionality you want and a test client, before the service is actually created. Here, you can do normal…

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Probably the biggest and most exciting addition to the .NET Framework 3.5 is the addition of the .NET Language Integrated Query Framework (LINQ) into C# 2008.Basically, what LINQ provides is a lightweight facade over programmatic data integration, This is such a big deal because data is king. Pretty much every application deals with data in some manner,…

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Displaying Output as an HTML Page

The examples show how the .NET base classes make it very easy to download and process data from the Internet. However, so far, you have displayed files only as plain text. Quite often, you will want to view an HTML file in an Internet Explorer-style interface in which the rendered HTML allows you to see what the Web…

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.NET Architecture

Throughout this book, we emphasize that the C# language must be considered in parallel with the .NET Framework, rather than viewed in isolation. The C# compiler specifically targets .NET, which means that all code written in C# will always run within the .NET Framework. This has two important con.sequences for the C# language: The architecture and methodologies…

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