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Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring can be used to get information about the normal behavior of applications. Performance monitoring is a great tool that helps you understand the workload of the system and observe changes and trends, particularly in applications running on the server. Microsoft Windows has many performance objects, such as System, Memory, Objects, Process, Processor, Thread, Cache, and so…

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Event Logging

The system administrator uses the Event Viewer to get critical and warning information about the system and applications. Youshould write error messages from your application to the event log so that the information can be read with the Event Viewer. Trace messages can be written to the event log if you configure the EventLogTraceListener class. The EventLogTraceLi~tener has an…

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Tracing and Events

 covered errors and exception handling. Besides handling exceptional code, it might be really interesting to get some live information about your running application to find the, reason for some issues that   application might have during production, or to monitor resources needed to early adapt to higher user loads. This is where the namespace System. Diagnostics comes into play.…

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