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Offering Syndication Feeds

Reading syndication feeds is one scenario in which the Syndication API can be used. Another is to offer a syndication feed to RSS and Atom clients. For this, Visual Studio 2008 offers the Syndication Service Library template, which you can use to start with. This template defines a reference to the System. Service Model. Web library, and…

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Syndication Reader

Our first example is a Syndication Reader application with a user interface developed with WPF. The user interface of the WPF application is shown in Figure 48-2. To use the Syndication API, the assembly System. ServiceModel.Web is referenced with the application. The OnGetFeed () event handler method is set to the Click event of the button showing…

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Overview of System.Servicemodel. Syndication

System. Service Model. Syndication is a new namespace with. NET 3.5 that allows you to offer data in the RSS or Atom format. With the release of RSS version 2.0, RSS is now the shorthand notation for Really Simple Syndication. In earlier versions, it had the name RDF Site Summary and Rich Site Summary. RDF is the abbreviation…

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Do you have some structured data to offer, data that changes from time to time? With many web sites, RSS or Atom symbols allow you to subscribe with feed readers. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML format that allows syndicate information. RSS became very popular with blogs. This XML information makes it easy to subscribe to using…

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