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Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are part of those small technology areas that are incredibly useful in a wide range of programs, yet rarely used among developers. You can think of regular expressions as a mini programming language with one specific purpose: to locate substrings within a large string expression. It is not a new technology; it originated in the Unix…

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Before examining the other string classes, this section quickly reviews some of the available methods in the String class. System. String is a class specifically designed to store a string and.allow a large number of operations on the string. In addition, due to the importance of this data type, C# has its own keyword and associated syntax…

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Strings and Regular Expressions

Since the beginning of this book, you have been using strings almost constantly and might not have realized that the stated mapping that the string keyword in C# actually refers to is the System. String .NETbase class. System. String is a very powerful and versatile class, but it is by no means the only string-related class in the…

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