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Security and user management have often been seen as quite complicated to iTlement in Web sites, and with good reason. You have to consider a number of factors, including: What sort of user management system will Iimplement? Will users map to Windows user accounts, or will Iimplement something independent? How do implement a login system? Do I…

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Site Navigation

The three navigation Web server controls, SiteMapPath, Menu, and TreeView, can work with an XML site map that you provide for your Web site, or a site map provided in a different format if you implement an alternative site map provider. Once you have created such a data source, these navigation Web server controls are able to automatically…

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Master Pages

Master pages provide an excellent way to make your Web sites easier to design, Putting all(or at least most) of your page layout in a single file allows you to concentrate on the more important things for the individual Web pages of your site, Master pages an: created in files with the extension .master, and can be added…

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Security In PCSDemoSlte

The PCSDemoSite site uses the Login control that you have already seen, as well as a LoginView control, a LoginStatus control, a LoginName control, a passwordRecovery control, and a ChangePassword control. One difference is that a Guest role is included, and one consequence of this is that guest users should not be able to chaI)1;e their password – an…

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User and Custom Controls

In the past, implementing custom-built controls was tricky, especially on large-scale systems where complex registration procedures might be required to use them. Even on simple systems, the coding required to create a custom control could become a very involved process. The scripting capabilities of older Web languages also suffered by not giving you complete access to your cunningly…

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ASP.NET Development

Sometimes the tools available for Web development, however powerful, don’t quite match up with your requirements for a specific project, Perhaps a given control doesn’t quite work as you would like it to, or perhaps one section of code, intended for reuse on several pages, is too complex in the hands of multiple developers, In such cases, there…

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