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Add-In Sample

Let’s start a simple sample of a hosting application that can load calculator add-ins. The add-ins can support different calculation operations that are offered by add-ins. You need to create a solution with six library projects and one console application. The projects of the sample application are listed in the following table. The table lists the assemblies…

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System.Addln Architecture

When you create an application that allows you to add add-ins during runtime, you will need to deal with certain issues – for example, how to find the add-ins, and how to solve versioning issues so that the hosting application and the add-in can progress independently. There are several ways to resolve these issues. In  this section, you…

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Add-ins allow you to add functionality to an application at a later time. You can create a hosting application that gains more and more functionality over time – functionality that might be written by your developer team but also different vendors can extend your application by creating add-ins. Today, add-ins are used with many different applications, such as…

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