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Utility Classes

This section covers a couple of utility classes to make Web programming easier when dealing with URIs and IP addresses. URIs uri and UriBuilder are two classes in the System (not System.Net) namespace, and they are both intended to represent a URI. UriBuilder allows you to build a URI given the strings for the component parts, and the…

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Displaying Output as an HTML Page

The examples show how the .NET base classes make it very easy to download and process data from the Internet. However, so far, you have displayed files only as plain text. Quite often, you will want to view an HTML file in an Internet Explorer-style interface in which the rendered HTML allows you to see what the Web…

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The WebClient Class

If you only want to request a file from a particular URI, then you will find that the easiest .NET class to use is System. Net. WebClient. This is an extremely high-level class designed to perform basic operations with only one or two commands. The .NET Framework currently supports URIs beginning with the http: https: and file: identifiers.…

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Accessing the Internet

Chapters 37 through 39 discuss how you can use C# to write powerful, efficient, and dynamic Web – pages using ASP.NET.For the most part, the clients accessing ASP.NET pages will be users running Internet Explorer or other Web browsers such as Opera or Firefox. However, you might  want to add Web-browsing features to your own application,…

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